Congratulations to the winners of the Best Poster Awards! The awards were decided by popular vote of the audience. We thank NewAE and Riscure for donating the hardware and book awards.

First Place Yuheng Yang, Thomas Bourgeat, Stella Lau and Mengjia Yan, “Pensieve: A Modular Approach for Security Evaluation of Microarchitectural Designs”

Second Place, tied Max Cohen Hoffing, “Voltage Sensor Development for PDN PUF”

Second Place, tied Jonah O’Brien Weiss, Sandip Kundu, Dong Hyub Kim and Tiago Alves, “A Side-Channel Model Extraction Attack on Deep Neural Networks Running on GPUs”

Second Place, tied Xiang Zhang, Aidon Ding and Yunsi Fei, “Software Power Side-channel Assisted Model Extraction of Deep Neural Networks”

Third Place Andrew Adiletta, M. Caner Tol, Yarkin Doroz and Berk Sunar, “Memory Mayhem: Targeted Corruption of Registers and Stack Variables”